Our Ministries

Our Ministries

Helping Families With Their Educational Needs

As a homeschooling family, our desire has always been to make homeschooling both rewarding and affordable for parents who have made the decision to educate their children at home. From the very first years of our company, one of our goals was to offer homeschool consultants to provide additional support and knowledge to new homeschoolers. In 2003 we hired Janice Price as our first full-time homeschooling consultant, and today our consulting staff has blossomed to include a handful of experienced, helpful educators who are simply here to answer your homeschooling and curriculum questions, no strings attached. Homeschoolers (or potential homeschoolers!) with questions are always welcome to chat, call or email our consultants for information and support. There's no charge to talk to them and no pressure to place an order. This was our first homeschooling ministry of Rainbow Resource Center, and it is still one of vital importance here at Rainbow today.

In 2011, we established our First Fruits Scholarship Fund, to help families that are going through financial hardship with their homeschooling expenses. How does this work? We take our June profits, considered the ?first fruits? of our summer back-to-school sales, and allocate these to the First Fruits Scholarship Fund. We coordinate this with our ?Lowest Prices of the Year? when our new, lower catalog prices go into effect, but before we implement our price increases. This makes it an optimal time for customers to buy their back-to-school items early, and help increase the First Fruits funds available. We always welcome referrals to be considered for the First Fruits Scholarship Fund; you may submit information anytime through our First Fruits Scholarship Fund information form.

Throughout the year, Rainbow Resource Center also donates products to many other charitable organizations, including Toys for Tots, Kids Wish Network, Books 4 Kids, Partners with Ethiopia, and others. If you have a donation request you would like to be considered, you may send information to this email info@rainbowresource.com.

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