Usborne Early Concepts Sticker Books

These sticker books are captivating for young children, as you may have come to expect from Usborne. There are several colorful backgrounds in the books, usually 8-10 scenes that span two pages each. The themed backgrounds match the featured topic, locations like a birthday party or park for Getting Dressed and various indoor and outdoor scenes for Shapes. There are various clothing/accessory stickers to put on the characters based on where they go in Getting Dressed, and objects in specific shapes like round balls, rectangular doors, and triangular trees for different backgrounds in Shapes. Because the pages are glossy, the stickers can be placed on a scene and then peeled away to be placed somewhere else if they are handled carefully. All the stickers are labeled so kids can read and identify the items. With multiple scenes and between 100-150 stickers in each book, kids will love these colorful and fun Usborne

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