God Girl / Devotions for the God Girl

These books by Hayley DiMarco are full of wisdom and instruction that modern teenage girls will find relevant and helpful. With topics like finding happiness, loving others, knowing yourself, communication, and knowing God, the books expect a lot from teenage girls, but shows them that staying close to God is not only possible, but will bring them true joy and make them into the women Christ wants them to be. The first book that came out was God Girl, which is a great explanation to teenagers on what a "God girl" is and gives readers tips and biblical backing for how to live their life completely sold out for Jesus. Divided into chapters that explore the characteristics of a God girl (how they love, how they communicate, how they find happiness, how they know themselves, and how they know God), the book shares thoughts on overcoming shyness, resisting and avoiding drama, spending time in God's word, staying pure when dating, caring for friends and strangers alike, being content with what you have and where you are, dressing appropriately, and so much more. With practical advice and biblical references, the wisdom is great for teenagers who are daily exposed to the corruption and lies told in our society. It is 174 pgs, hc. After the book came out, DiMarco also published Devotions for the God Girl, which provides 365 daily devotions that will give girls more scripture and wisdom to help them become a God girl. The book and guide don't necessarily have to be used together; both are perfectly useful independently. If your child was inspired by the wisdom in the book and wants a way to continue on the path to becoming a God girl, the devotional will definitely do the trick. On the other hand, if your child is just looking for some high-quality daily devotions and doesn't need the background or pep-talk, the devotions themselves explain what a God girl is and provide much of the wisdom that's found in the book. Each 1-page devotional contains one scripture verse and then a reflection and explanation from DiMarco that shares the same sort of practical wisdom and spiritual truths as her book. With a full year of daily devotions about everything from friends to wardrobe to time with God, the devotional will be very helpful for teenagers who are looking to dedicate their entire life to God. Devotions for the God Girl is 384 pgs, hc. I can easily see how a teenage girl would benefit from using both of these books, either simultaneously, doing the devotionals after reading, or just one or the other. I think the author does a good job of reaching readers where they are, convicting them of their sins, and providing encouragement without making them feel defensive or hopeless. A great investment for teenage girls, especially those who may have non-Christian friends or influences in their lives. ~Rachel

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