Pathfinder: Exploring Career & Educational Paths

As its name suggests, this inexpensive book is an introduction to career exploration and possible educational paths. Since these are uncharted territories for most junior high students, such a guide is useful, even necessary. The first step is the Career Interest Assessment, which prompts students to consider the things that interest them, how they would describe themselves, and what free-time and school activities they enjoy. Twelve major interest areas are identified, and students begin to see which groups interest them the most as well as which work activities are included in each group. Choices in these areas comprise the start of an Individual Career Plan (ICP), and there is a sample ICP format included although it is not reproducible. The ICP continues to be "fleshed" out as a student considers whether he likes to work with data/ideas, people, or things; chooses a desired work environment; and also examines the physical requirements for various jobs. Then it is time to evaluate and chart one's academic path - what it takes to get to where they are beginning to think they want to go. The concluding section is how to research specific jobs. This book seems most useful for Jr. High to early high school students (7th to 10th grades) or the occasional late high-schooler who hasn't yet considered these things. 112 pgs. Janice

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