Make Your Own Pop-Up Scenes

Create fun paper dioramas with these clever books! Each book has three parts: the colored cardstock cover that serves as your scene, the figures that are characters in the story, and the story/information sheets. Follow the simple directions to assemble your 3D stage or scenery using front and back cover of the book. Cut out and color the figures to tell the story. Each book includes several pages of information about the topic or a story to follow based on which design you choose. For example, the Cinderella book assembles into a theatre stage, the actors and props can be cut out and colored, and the included story is a guide for retelling the tale. For the Castle book, the cover becomes a castle, the figures are different types of knights and their weapons, and a few pages about castle life are included. These would be a fun rainy day activity or school supplement. Approx. 20 pgs, sc. - Laura

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Grades: K-4
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