Mission Imperative DVD Lecture Series

So many questions surround the beginning of time and early planet earth. People trying to answer these questions invariably fall into one of two groups: Creationist or Evolutionist. Neither worldview surrounding these ideas is without its share of complexities, but one certainly has more trouble staying intact when the strings binding it together are examined. Mike Snavely presents these 7 sessions on the nature of creation from a biblical, literal creationist point of view - and shows how the other side fails dramatically in its efforts to explain the beginning. Volume 1 explains why the book of Genesis is so critically important for Christians to believe, why we should hold onto a literal 24-hour creation day, the dangers of compromise, and the contrasting fruits of the evolution/creation positions. Volume 2 answers many questions about a global flood - where is the evidence, why did it happen, how did it happen, what was the ark like, what were the affects, and hydroplate theory. The biblical perspective on dinosaurs - their times, their extinction, and their biblical tie-ins - are presented in volume 3 of this series. In volume 4, Mr. Snavely demonstrates that evolution is based on faith rather than verified scientific processes, and will astonish you with the amount of incriminating evidence that does not support the evolutionary process. The evolution of man is the subject of volume 5 - the "evidence," methods, and bias that have been the roots behind the "hominids" and "pre-human cavemen." Volume 6: design versus accident - the world of nature around us is so full of examples of creation and perfect design that we are left without excuse (as we are cautioned in Romans 1:20). The final volume contrasts some ancient civilizations with our own today, turning upside down the evolutionary theory that ancient man was, well... a caveman. This lecture series is done in front of a live audience, and is interjected with pictures and illustrations to enhance the points. Running times vary from 40 - 78 minutes. - Zach

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