Hands-On History Activity Paks - Bible

If you're looking for a fun, hands-on way to help your young students learn Bible stories and lessons, you should check out these CDs. Since they're composed of PDF files, the CDs are both Windows and Mac compatible and just require Acrobat Reader to work. Each CD has pictures, text boxes, illustrated creative writing boxes, Bible verses, and more to print out and create 15 lapbooks. There's a wide range of topics covered (see individual descriptions), and creating the lapbooks themselves will help kids remember the Bible stories and the lessons learned. All the print-outs are in black and white, so kids will get the added bonus of coloring and designing everything as they see fit. Each of the 15 lapbooks on each CD tells a Bible story or has one central theme to focus on. Kids are essentially creating a poster of a specific story/theme, with fold-outs, mini-books, pictures, personal research, and more that add plenty of visual appeal. The CD contains directions for each project, with all the printable masters needed, and a gallery of what the finished projects should look like. Besides masters for the lapbooks, each CD includes a newspaper project composed of a several-page newspaper scroll with

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