Berlitz Foreign Language Premier

Immerse yourself in a foreign language with this intense, thorough program. The computer software offers many different ways to fully immerse you in the language, so you are listening to and reading the language in context right away. What sets this program apart from the others is that you are exposed to extended conversations and paragraphs of dialogue from the beginning. There are two main branches of the program: Immersion Environments and Reference Tools. Immersion Environments includes a live action video of a native speaker speaking and interacting with others in real settings (at home, at the airport, and in public). Subtitles of both the language being studied and the English translation appear while the video is played. You can watch the video continuously, or you can watch it in short segments, even skipping forward or backward to topics that interest you. The Immersion Environments section also includes a Fundamentals section (teaches basic phrases using the most common words in the language); a Conversations section (teaches conversational phrases); and a Survival Phrases section (a book with an index to topics that you can both listen to and read along with in the target language). The Reference Tools branch includes vocabulary flashcards, an alphabet reference (click on letters of the alphabet to hear the pronunciation and see/hear words using each letter), grammar pro (references grammar rules), and grammar basics (a place to look up and review the basic grammar rules of the language). The program offers other useful features, such as speech analysis (recording your voice), games (including crosswords and fill in the blank), a vocabulary-building screensaver, and the (very useful) ability to slow down the dialogue being listened to so you can hear each nuance. In addition to the software program, this set includes 4 audio CD’s that teach phrases and vocabulary; IPOD/MP3 vocabulary exercises software; and Palm/Pocket PC flash card software. System requirements: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista; 128 MB RAM; CD-ROM drive, sound card and speakers. Macintosh: OS x 10.2.8 or later; Macintosh G3 or later or Intel based Macintosh. ~ Lisa

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Grades: 9-AD
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