History Graphic Novel Series

Campfire History publishing brings history alive through these graphic novels. Filled with a surplus of fun facts, information, and dialog students will find these graphic novels engaging all while learning about these time eras. As the subject or focus of these novels covers particularly torrid times in the world’s history, perusing these books before students dig into them is highly encouraged. The illustrations alone can elevate the maturity level that is appropriate for some of these books. What is so wonderful about these history readers is that they are not ordinary history textbooks that just spit-out dates, locations, or facts. Each volume interweaves an engaging narrative through the presentation of a specific historical period or event. While written and illustrated by different individuals, these graphic novels do work very well as a series. Books range from 87-115 pages, pb. ~Rebecca

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Item # 043930
Grades: 5-12
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Item # 043934
Grades: 5-12
Retail: $15.99
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Item # 043940
Grades: 5-12
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Item # 043990
Grades: 5-12
Retail: $19.99
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