Achieve! Workbooks

Colorful workbook pages coupled with free online games & support (access code in book) make for a multi-media learning experience for you and your little learners. Even if you do not have access to the internet, the workbook has loads of fun learning pages you can do together. Pages are fun & engaging and have a nice mix of exercises so that even a wiggly child can do a page or two a day. The publisher states that the books align to state and national standards, but does not specify which standards. About 20 stickers are also included which can be used on the workbook pages or on an achievement chart you make at home. Kids love to see their own progress! A parent could use these workbooks as a checklist for a child entering school or as preparation for a state test at the end of the year. Here is what each book covers. You will see overlap as students learn the topic more in depth each year:

PK (3-4 yrs) - ABCs, writing readiness, letters & printing, vocabulary, sounds in words, shapes, colors, numbers, counting, ordering & sorting, time & money, measuring

K (5-6 yrs) - letters, sounds in words, letters & sounds, vowels, spelling, shapes, numbers, counting, sorting & graphing, adding & subtracting, time & money, measuring

1st (6-7 yrs) - sounds in words, letter sounds, vowels, spelling, sentences, comprehension, adding & subtracting, shapes, sorting & graphing, time, money, measuring. Answer key in the back. 320 pp, pb. ~ Sara

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