Dr. James Dobson is right (again). As he states in his forward to this book, "Endurance is what publishers call a 'page-turner' - a book that grabs the reader on the first page and won't turn loose." Seeing as I knew nothing about this book when I picked it up, I opened it up to the middle to see what it was all about, and I was quickly engrossed and had read over forty pages before I reminded myself that I had work to do. This true story is a fascinating account of 28 men's courage and will to fight for their lives. Ernest Shackleton is the leader of an expedition attempting to cross the Antarctic overland. He and 27 other men set out in August 1914 on this adventure, and the first of many trials occurred on January 24th, when their ship was surrounded and trapped by pack ice. What followed were days of frustration as the men could do nothing but wait. Their trials were heightened when the ship was crushed and the men were forced to drift on ice packs for five months, fighting to stay alive. The insurmountable troubles that follow, including a thousand-mile voyage in open boat across amidst horrible storms, trekking through foreboding glaciers and mountains, and other amazing feats, I haven't read thoroughly yet, but I guarantee it won't be long before I'm through the remaining 200 pages and recommending it to the rest of my family. ~ Stephanie

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