Teach Me Your Way CDs

These children's Scripture songs are unique in several ways. The Scriptures are set to a variety of musical styles including traditional Ozark country, Irish folk, calypso, soft contemporary worship, and everything in between. Each song begins with a child reciting the Scripture verses that are set to music. The verses used are from many books in the Bible, with several from Proverbs. The songs use familiar scriptures to help teach both positive character and trust in the Lord. They are taken from a variety of Bible translations. I am impressed with the high quality of the musical arrangements, instrumentation, vocals and recording. The result is wonderful songs that have a great blend of music and Scripture, which are thoroughly enjoyable and helpful for Bible memorization. Volume 1 includes 19 songs like Whatever Is True, If We Walk in the Light, Trust in the Lord, and In My Heart. Volume 2 includes 15 songs like Study to Show Thyself Approved, Be Kind to One Another, The Fruit of the Spirit, and Psalm 23. If my family is any indication, you'll be singing these songs (and reinforcing Scripture memory) around the house for years to come! ~ Jerry

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