Ice Cream Ball

When I first saw this I had no idea what it was, but upon discovering it was an ice cream maker I was quite curious. We took it home, made ice cream with our kids that night, and unanimously agreed that it was unique! The Ice Cream Ball is a hard plastic sphere that houses a pint-sized cylinder. One end opens to the cylinder; while the other opens to the inside of the ball. All you have to do is fill the inside of the ball with ice and rock salt, then open the cylinder end and pour in the cream, sugar, vanilla, and any add-ins. Hand it off to the kids to shake, roll, and toss for about 10 minutes. Then take a quick break to stir the ingredients, move around for another 5-10, and then enjoy the delicious result! It may seem like a lot of work to get a pint of ice cream, but I like to think of it as burning off the calories before you eat them! Many flavor suggestions are included, but I bet your kids will have plenty of their own ideas as well. The separate inflatable cover makes it easier on little hands and allows you to toss it around in a pool. A fun lesson on working for your food! - Steph

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