Dot-2-Dot Lacing

Learn numbers and letters by lacing! Lacing activities by themselves are a great way to work on dexterity skills. When combined with learning the sequence of letters and numbers, some serious learning can happen all while having fun! These sets contain 6 thick, durable cardboard animal shapes with pre-punched holes, featuring a full-color, charming picture of a farm animal, zoo animal, shape, or dinosaur. The holes or "dots" are numbered or lettered, forming a cross between dot-to-dot activities and lacing activities. Each card contains 16-26 numbered or lettered holes. Thus, along with lacing, a child can become familiar with counting and number order or alphabetical order and saying their ABCs as they correctly silhouette the printed animal with the colorful laces. Set includes 6 large animal cards and 36" laces. The farm animal set has you practice your numbers as you lace cards with a picture of a horse, hen, pig, lamb, rabbit, and cow. The dinosaur set also has you practice your numbers as you lace through cards with a picture of a tyrannosaurus, ankylosaurus, apatosaurus, pteranodon, triceratops, and stegosaurus. The alphabet animals set has you lace through your ABCs on cards with pictures of a kangaroo, zebra, bear, lion, elephant, and giraffe. - elise

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Grades: PK-2
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