My Father, My Companion: Life at the Hollow

If you've ever seen lists of homeschooled folks (such as the one on the Rainbow website), you may have noticed the name of John Marshall, the longest-serving (34 years) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, known for his interpretations of the U.S. Constitution. Life at the Hollow is the story of his childhood presented as biographical fiction - meaning that the author adds a lively, engaging story but incorporates all known facts. This short chapter book, written at the 4th grade level, emphasizes the upstanding character and love of learning in the Marshall household. The story traces John's boyhood and education as the eldest son (14 siblings) of Thomas Marshall, a friend of George Washington and a fellow surveyor in northern Virginia. The study guide provides integrated language arts lessons with activities that link social studies with language arts and other curriculum areas. Included in the guide are pre-reading info and a chapter-by-chapter lesson outline which includes vocabulary, comprehension questions, and discussion topics. Additional curriculum activities include (several suggestions for each) writing activities, research, timeline, field trips, art activities, games, mathematics, genealogy, and map work. A vocabulary test, crossword puzzle, and word search puzzle (all with answer keys) are reproducible. Janice

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