Some riding toys use pedal power, and others use electrical power, but never have we seen anything like the futuristic Plasmacar, which uses inertia, centrifugal force, and friction to send kids gliding along at up to 6 mph! So how does it work? To start moving, kids simply rotate the steering wheel from side to side, and off they go! To drive backwards, they can turn the steering wheel 180 and twist from side to side, just as if they were driving forwards. When they stop turning the wheel, theyll come to a stop. Made of sturdy plastic, this nifty ride holds up to 220 lbs if driven on a smooth flat surface (120 lbs if on a rough, uneven surface), so even Mom and Dad can give it a whirl! They will, too if my co-workers are any indicator! The cars work best on smooth, hard surfaces, including hardwood floors/laminates, linoleum, concrete, asphalt, etc. Available in several different colors. Were guessing itll be the envy of all the other kids on the block! Plasmacars will ship assembled for domestic UPS deliveries, but cannot ship assembled for USPS or international delivery. In this case, assembly is minimal and tools are included.

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