1-2-3 Draw Books

Children often grow frustrated because they can't draw anything that they feel looks "good," and often this is simply because their minds haven't developed the observation skills necessary for lifelike drawings, and their motor control skills are still developing. That's why drawing books like these are helpful, because youngsters can use a series of basic rounded shapes to create animals, objects and people that look, well, "good!" Each of these full-color, 64-page books includes scores of subjects to learn how to draw, to draw, and to color. At the beginning of each book, the basic shapes that they need to learn are featured, and students are encouraged to practice at drawing these shapes. Then, each lesson begins with the student drawing the basic shapes, and adding more details and refinement from there to create cute, but easily-recognizable objects, animals, and people. I've had the chance to look at Wild Animals, and love the variety of animals, including bush babies, hippos, lions, wildebeests, orangutans, yaks, armadillos, and much more. While the results aren't exactly realistic, they are soft and adorable, fit to run in any children's picture book. In Knights, Castles, and Dragons, young artists learn to draw "basic people" in several different positions such as running, sitting, standing sideways, etc., along with impressive castles, suits of armor, shields, dragons, and all the exciting ingredients needed to illustrate their own fantasy. Not only do these act as good guidelines to help them draw more easily, but these books also subtly introduce a lot of important concepts such as movement, facial expressions, and adding details. - Jess

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