Design a Heavenly Wardrobe Kits

Maybe your crafty daughter would rather design pet clothes than people clothes or saddles instead of suits. While many fashion design kits are limited to designing for people, these fun kits include options for horse and dog-lovers too. Each kit contains sturdy cardboard dolls (and/or animals), patterned paper, fabrics, beads, pipe cleaners, glitter glue, sequins, embellishments, hook-and-loop tape, and over 100 paper patterns for clothing and accessories. The visual instructions demonstrate how to use the paper patterns with the paper and fabric to create fashions for the dolls as well as how to embellish the fashions by gluing on beads, ribbons and trimmings. If you want to stand your models up, cardboard stands are included, and you can use the hook-and-loop tape to attach the clothing to the model. The Doll set includes four girl dolls of different ethnicities and one boy doll. The Pets set includes five dog models of different breeds, and the Equestrian set includes two horses, two female dolls, and one jump. - Jess

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