First Thousand Words Sticker Books

Learning a thousand words has never been more fun! With over 500 colorful stickers, your child will learn common vocabulary words. Each page has a brightly colored scene of places in the home, on the coast, at the park, or on the farm. Your child will also learn animal names, colors, foods, parts of the body, and much more! There are 55 pages to work through and each page has approximately 10 to 15 sticker boxes with captions to help you place the appropriate sticker in the correct box. This method encourages active learning and helps them associate the word with the object to ensure effective vocabulary building. The illustrations themselves are colorful and full of amusing details that contain many other objects which you can use to teach many other vocabulary words. Available in English, Spanish and French the books are identical, with the same stickers and illustrations on each page. A great way to begin teaching Junior a foreign language. However, you might want to have a dictionary on hand to help you with pronunciations if you are not already fluent. Each book is paperback, consumable, and the sticker pages are easily removed from the middle of the binding of the workbook. ~ elise

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