10 Minutes A Day Series

Designed to be very accessible, the purpose of these kits is to give you an immediate ability to speak in the target language. If you can say "kess kuh say", you can ask ,"What is that?" in French ("Qu'est-ce que c'est"). Lessons are bite-sized (hence the 10 minutes per day) and worktexts are colorful and inviting to work in. Courses start with the basics: alphabet, question words, everyday items, counting, colors, etc. Learning is playful and users are encouraged to work at their own pace. Course instruction begins to incorporate words in the target language also, helping the learner become more familiar and comfortable with reading and understanding foreign words in written context. Travelers would particularly benefit from this course, as it would enable them to engage in simple conversations in a foreign place in a relatively short time. These also are excellent for language exploration or younger students. While not a complete high school level course, they let you "try out" the language and have some fun with it before investing in a more in-depth course. They provide excellent reinforcement for auditory learners in particular who will want to speak and play with the language right off the bat, not just study it. Books are complete language-learning kits with sticky labels (to label items in your home), and flash cards to cut out. The books have all been updated and now include a CD-ROM with interactive language activities. A great way to spark interest in learning a foreign language.

Audio packages are also available for several languages, which include the 10 Minutes a Day book plus 6 audio CDs which follow the scope and sequence of the book and feature over a dozen native speaking "Language Guides" from various countries, which will no doubt improve your own pronunciation as well as help you develop a better ear for listening to others.

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