Wired That Way

The human personality is a complex thing. To understand complex things, we attempt various classification methods. Like most personality comparison systems, Wired That Way uses four categories to group people: Popular Sanguiene, Powerful Choleric, Peaceful Phlegmatic, and Perfect Melancholy. Each category has primary characteristics that define that type of person.

To get the most out of the book, fill in the Personality Profile after reading chapter 1. Definitions of the attribute words are given to avoid confusion. When scoring the profile, a person will have a dominant and secondary personality profile.

The rest of the book gives you insights into the personality profiles. Chapters cover Visible Clues, Strengths and Weaknesses, Personality Blends, Emotional Needs, Marriage, Parenting, Communication, Workplace, and Spiritual Life. It may be beneficial for husband and wife to score their personality profiles, then discuss the results in light of information presented in the book.

While the book tends to give you a lot of information about personality types, the companion workbook is the "Now that I know this, what can I do with it?" part of the package. In the book, scripture references appear hear and there, mainly in the Spiritual Life chapter, but in the workbook, evaluation is made much more in the light of scripture. Find out how you can more effectively witness, parent, and serve those around you.

As stated at the beginning, humans are complex and this is just one approach to looking at personalities. But a tool like this can be helpful in understanding ourselves and those around us.

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