Briefly, patriarchalists believe that the husband/father is the authority, leader and priest of home and church. Adam was clearly given the authority to lead. Eve usurped this authority. Women should function through their husbands, submitting to their God-given authority. Girls are "covered" by their father's authority until they marry, at which time they are "covered" by their husband's authority. Wives are helpers to their husbands and should honor them as their head. Ideally, they will not work outside the home or prepare for a career other than that of wife and mother. Organization of home and church is hierarchical. As I understand it, there is a broad spectrum of particular beliefs within this categorization. At one end is the belief that a woman should unreservedly obey her husband. Because he is responsible before God, she is not responsible for anything she does under his "cover" - he alone will answer to God. At the other end, this view blends into the Complementarian position. I'm not sure we have captured the entire expanse of this position in the materials below. A few of the many proponents of this position include Doug and Nancy Wilson (Canon Press) and Doug Phillips (Vision Forum). Although we do not include a book from Doug Phillips below, I know that he has audio tapes (available through Vision Forum) that do an excellent job of explaining how to put this belief into practical application today.

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