Proverbs for Parenting

I like the book of Proverbs. God's truths are presented in a clear, concise, and memorable way. As a Christian parent, you want to get these ideas across to your children in the same way. Proverbs for Parenting has arranged hundreds of proverbs by topic (70 of them) so that you can have a ready reference for particular occasions. You may not be ready the first time an opportunity for reinforcement or a problem crops up, but our children, like us, may continue to struggle with a particular area of weakness. So, if selfishness rears its ugly head again, you can have a proverb ready "for reproof, for correction." You are using something other than "Stop that!", and the child is learning why his behavior is contrary to the Word of God, all with a minimum of time and effort. Another great idea from God!

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