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This unique software product allows you to design your own handwriting program! The software lets you print practice worksheets in cursive and manuscript in any of these popular printing styles - manuscript, manuscript-simple, manuscript-simplified, modern manuscript (like D'Nealian), Italic, PLMR (similar to Palmer), VIC (Victoria-Australia), QLD (Queensland-Australia), and NSW (New South Wales - Australia). You decide on the following: what letters or words will be printed (so students can trace/write their own name, stories about themselves, and things they are interested in - or you can present them with letters or words they are struggling to write); letter height from 1/4 inch to 2 inches; whether to print the letters in dots, dashes, or solid lines; and, whether to print directional arrows next to the letter. There are over 15 fonts to choose from and Spanish, math, money, and clock characters are included. Font size, dot density, and shading is all adjustable. Color printing is supported, so that you can make top and bottom guidelines one color, and the optional dashed center line a different color. Clip art images, which can also be printed in color, are included to add interest. The software is very easy to use, allowing you to make exciting worksheets and print them out in just a matter of minutes. System requirements for Version 5.0: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista; MAC OS 8.6 or newer (OS X older than 10.6; NOT 10.7/Lion or higher); 16 MB Ram, 20 MB Hard Disk.

Version 6 is now available, but is currently only Windows-compatible. Additional features are more "enhancements" of existing features than new features and give the user more options and choices in page layout. These include: more color choices for guide lines; expansion of font sizes from 2" to page size; additional clock, math and money fonts; additional color options for stroke arrows; special shape characters; outline fonts; more Spanish characters; border art and lines; grids for better alignment of text and art boxes, flowing text, decision dots and connecting lines and more. System requirements: Windows XP/2000 or newer.

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