Complete Book of Bible ______

You don't have to be a Greek scholar to gain Bible knowledge and wisdom from these! Each book (except Zingers contains hundreds and hundreds of questions, categorized by topic. My sample of Bible Secrets and Mysteries was divided into 16 parts; each part was divided into 3 to 14 topics, and each topic containing 15-50 questions. Do you recall "Who amazed the people of Samaria with his conjuring tricks?" - Simon the sorcerer (Acts 8:9). Or, "What book of the Bible states that Christ is interceding for us at the right hand of God?" - Romans (8:34). Yes, mercifully, the answers and the location of the answer in the Bible is provided. Where actual Bible quotes are given, the King James Version is used.

No trivia, but lots of modern-day proverbs are provided in the Zingers book. Dozens of sayings are given for many topics. Character: "Reputation is precious - character is priceless." On children: "There are some children who should be applauded with one hand," On determination: "Every day something is being done that couldn't be done." On the ironies of life: "The straight and narrow path would not be so narrow if more people would walk it." On Jesus: "When Christ is the center of your focus, all else will come into proper perspective." On education: "Knowledge is power only when it is turned on." Pb, 300+ pgs.

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