What I Wish I Knew at 18

How many times have you looked back at your life and commented, "I wish I had known that when...." It may be too late for you, as a parent, but this is a great product to help prepare your high school student for moments they will face in adult life and how to face some tough questions: what are my passions and gifts, how will I define success, how will I build new relationships, how will I manage my finances, and other life situations.

If you don't want to treat the content as a full course, you could just read through and discuss the Book. There are nine chapters on pertinent topics: life perspective; character; relationships and communication; adversity and spirituality; miscellaneous topics;, post-secondary academics; career selection and advancement; love and family; and managing your finances. Scattered throughout the chapters are "take five" questions or topics for you to think about or ponder concerning what you just read.

The Student Guide comes in two different editions - Christian and secular, neither are reproducible. The format and content are the same in both, but the Christian Edition is specifically for those coming at life from a Christian Worldview. Intended to correspond to the book content, the activity pages are divided into 'pointers' for each chapter - the number may vary from chapter to chapter. For each chapter, you will also find objectives, what to read in preparation, discussion points, application, journaling, and a list of expected outcomes. The Christian Edition offers 'Words to Life By,' which are scripture verses that go along with the topic and references to God's will for your life.

Whether using this as a group study, independent study, or just as a read through; the topics in this program offer good information for making life's decisions. ~ Donna

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