Once-a-Month Cooking

As someone who feeds 6-10 on a normal night and cooks mostly from scratch to provide tasty, healthier food for my family, I often feel like more than half of my time and energy goes to planning and then preparing meals. Anyone who relates with me probably agrees that this meal system sounds like an absolute dream! The basic idea of Once-a-Month Cooking is that you take one large grocery shopping trip, spend one day cooking many different entrées, store all the meals in your freezer, and then simply heat a meal each night. If you are thinking that this sounds like a nice idea but you’re not organized enough to implement it, then put those thoughts aside, because Mimi Wilson and Beth Lagerbor have done all the groundwork for you. Each of the cookbooks follow a virtually identical layout, but contain very little overlap on the actual menus, which provides you with plenty of new recipes between the two

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