Introduction to Poetry: Forms and Elements Study Guide

This study guide from Progeny Press, though tackling a slightly different topic, is just as well done. The format is much the same, although it requires three books to use (all of which we offer very inexpensively and are listed below for your convenience). The study guide begins with an introduction to poetry and its historical background. The first part of the book offers a short lesson in types of poetry, and the remaining two parts offer several lessons each. The second part focuses on elements of poetry, and the lessons deal specifically with lines, words, sounds, rhyme, imagery, tone, and other specific poetic elements. The last part in the book looks at designated forms of poetry such as the sonnet, blank verse, ballad, limerick, free verse, etc. The lessons in these two parts both begin with some information in the guide, and then the student is direct to read a poem or two per lesson and answer questions about them. As with Progeny's other guides, these challenge students to think critically about the selections. Scripture based questions are also tied into the themes in "deeper thinking" questions. 84 pgs. - Mel

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