Now You Know!

Intriguing collections of 700 questions in the general categories of math, money, science, geography, history/government, language of algebra, and facts/factoids. Each page provides a collection of seven questions (one from each category); some in multiple choice format and others that are free response. All answers are provided. Targeting middle school and older, the questions are designed for fun, a better understanding of certain subjects, and developing literacy (you get to decide which question is for which purpose). The author hopes that reader/participants will learn to think deeply and with insight; see the magic and wonders of mathematics, science, geography, and history; and understand and appreciate their place in the world. Whether you use this book as a fun resource for a family/friends Trivia Night, as Kick-Off questions to start your school day, or as a source of assignable research projects, you're bound to learn something, and Then You Know! 224 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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