Zach Rules

Meet Zach, who faces everyday challenges. Each book in this series relates how Zach responds to a problem and learns a kid-friendly way to respond. In Zach Apologizes, Zach does something in anger and his mother helps him work through empathy and asking forgiveness with the Four-square Apology. In Zach Gets Frustrated, Zach's father teaches him how to handle his anger using the 3-step frustration triangle. Written by a licensed counselor, these books also include pages written directly to the parent to assist their children in handling problems. The stories, with their everyday situations and full-page, color illustrations provide practical help in dealing with emotions and interpersonal relationships. Note: in Zach Gets Frustrated, he tries different options to calm down, including sitting in a yoga lotus position while meditating. That aside, I feel the practical steps are great tools to help children and can easily be applied in the Christian context. ~ Ruth

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