India's Street Kids

Written by a missionary who served in India, these books tell the story of Jasmina and Samir, two poor children who live in India. A stranger comes to the family's home and offers the children an education; then everything changes.

In Capturing Jasmina, the children are sold to the stranger only to find out that their education will not come from a school, but from a sweatshop factory as slaves. Samir accepts his fate, but Jasmina never stops looking for an escape. After they are sold a few times, Jasmina escapes without Samir and lives on the street until she discovers a group of Christians who take care of her.

In Buying Samir, Jasmina wants to have her family again so badly that she leaves the safety of the missionary home and searches for her brother until she finds him. He now works for the man who originally bought him, but his mind has been twisted. Will she ever get her brother back?

These books present a realistic look at human trafficking. A few sensitive topics are mentioned, such as abuse and prostitution, but without graphic descriptions. I definitely enjoyed hearing the story from a young girl's perspective and think these would be a great read for a high school age child who is interested in social justice or working as a missionary. Approximately 130 pgs, sc. - Laura

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