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So, your middle-schooler just told you he wants to learn French; last week he wanted to learn Spanish, what to do? This is the perfect age for your student to try out a language and see if they would like to continue with it in high school. DK has put together kits that are perfect for introducing a student to a language. "Pack' is exactly the right term - a lovely, hardcover, tri-fold box/portfolio with hook and loop closure that contains several small books and information to download the free audio apps (please note that the apps have replaced the previous audio CD content). The 160-page Course Book (5"x 7.5") has themed chapters for 12 weeks, each with five 15-minute lessons. Lesson format includes a warm-up, a match and repeat activity, useful phrases, a "put into practice" exercise, and lots of full-color, helpful photos. Each lesson also includes a cultural tip. The Course Book has a clever layout with two bookmark flaps that are part of the cover. These flaps are used to cover a left-hand and a right-hand column in each lesson allowing you to practice your memory and speaking skills. You can do 15 minutes a day or a whole week of lessons all at once (but the repetition of a little each day is best for retention!) Phrases are written out phonetically as well as in the target language to avoid early errors, but the audio apps (which parallel the Course book and the Visual Phrase book) really help to practice correct pronunciation. Lessons are travel related, making this a perfect pre-vacation study! Making introductions, food/drink vocabulary, dates, getting around, accommodations, shopping, work & study, health, home, services, leisure & socializing, menu guide and a sufficient dictionary are all covered in the Course Book. Two smaller books (2.5"x 6") - an Easy Grammar reference and a Visual Phrase Book - are great for helping you answer grammar questions and provide needed phrases on the go. I like the idea of having your 4th to 8th graders dip a toe into the language before you invest in a serious language program. The color photos are fantastic and will make your mouth water in the food lessons! ~ Sara

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