Building Words Books & Tiles

Hands-on phonics practice and reinforcement - very nicely done! Utilizing a word family approach to phonics, there is some instruction but mostly practice and progression in this series. Each book provides a different type of phonics practice starting with making three and four letter words and progressing to word chains (start with one word and change one letter at a time making words all along the way in order to arrive at an entirely different word) and then on to prefix and suffix practice. The books are easy to use with reproducible (for classroom) worksheets that are designed to interface perfectly with the tiles, or you can provide paper tiles by either copying the master in the back of the book or just cutting it apart. There are some brief teaching notes in the beginning and an answer key in the back. The books are great but I have to admit that the real "difference" for me in this program are the tiles. They feel good - very good - to my hands so I can't help thinking they would be a big hit with little people. Most of the tile sets are clear acrylic and are designed to be used with overhead projectors. I was puzzled at first as to their value in a home classroom but then realized how beautifully they work with the black and white worksheets. Because you can see through them, you preserve the visual integrity of the word. The tiles could be used with any phonics program or workbook but the font matches and these books are designed to accommodate the tiles. ~ Janice

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Grades: 1-3
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