101 Things to Know About Math & Reading

These are about the cutest workbooks I have ever seen! Every page is an activity filled with colorful illustrations and photos. They all begin very gently in the pre-K books: looking for same/different, drawing lines, identifying colors/letters/numbers, long/short, top/bottom, left/right, very basic knowledge that will develop readiness and confidence at the same time. Kinder books cover things like word families, vowels/consonants, upper/lower case, basic math skills, memory building, writing numbers and more. First grade works on sequencing, basic reading, vocabulary, time/money, fractions, and more. These books would also be perfect for kids in school who need a little something at home, or use them the summer before entering these grade levels to check their knowledge on expected skills. Did I mention how darling they are? That is not typically something I would say! The point being that kids will enjoy doing them because they are so visually appealing and the tasks are purposeful, but not too hard. The variety of activities is a fun challenge to a young learner. 125pp ~Sara

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