Remembering World War I

It was the war to end all wars. From 1914 to 1918 the Axis and Allied powers waged war, a maelstrom of violence on almost every major continent on Earth. Remembering World War I is a series that strives to place the young reader in the era of the Great War. Though somewhat compact, each is loaded with letters from the front, interviews with civilians who nobly supported the war and did their best to adapt to a rapidly changing world, and startling excerpts from news articles reflecting viewpoints from all sides. Captivating photographs from journalists provide a dynamic collection of spectacular and terrifying scenes showcasing the cost of battle and the soldiers willing to give their lives to defend their homelands.

Each book covers a specific topic and provides a surprising amount of detail. What makes this series truly stand out is that the content is some of the highest quality images captured in a book designed for younger eyes; some college textbooks lack the attention to detail that this series gives to its photographs. Their inclusion enriches the book and provides a strong connection to its equally effective writing. 48 pgs, pb. ~ Nick

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