Little Pim Fun

Pim is a Panda. Pim is multilingual. Pim makes learning a new language fun and engaging for your very youngest students. We like Pim! Little Pim is also a television program on PBS Kids and is a Top 20 Consumer Award winner.

Are you wondering if age 0 is too young to start your child learning a second language? It is not in fact too young. Many families raise children to speak 2 or more languages in the home. Second language learning can begin anytime in a person's life, but it is much easier for the younger learners. Each video is 35 minutes. Starting with five minute segments, you can build to watching a full video at a time, or watch your favorites over and over. Pim is your host panda and he speaks only in the target language! This is called total immersion and it is what you want in language learning. Faces of toddlers, babies, families, and older children are combined with animation and colorful graphics to hold your child's attention while they are hearing only the new language. Children are given the chance to repeat after Pim and learn to link the words they hear to the images on screen. The videos come in a colorful box to keep them together nicely.

All songs on the CD are in the foreign language and are lively and clear. Some are slower and ask kids to clap along; others make you want to dance around the living room. You get the lyrics in both the new language and English, so when you learn the songs by heart while driving around town, you can also answer the question, "What does that song mean?"

I ran one of the videos past our resident 2 and 4 year-old girls. They were completely engaged in the graphics, colors, and faces on the TV. I think cuddling the toy panda while watching helped connect them to the video. Once I asked them to say some of the words they began to interact with the video more. It was a hit! Video 1 covers eating and drinking. Video 2 is

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