Youngest Templar

Although Tristan knows he was left at St. Alban's abbey under mysterious circumstances as a baby, he has spent nearly fifteen years living and working among the monks and is happy there. When a group of Knights Templar stops at the abbey on their way to Dover, Sir Thomas takes note of the hardworking Tristan and invites him to become his squire. Although he finds a friend and mentor in Sir Thomas, another powerful knight, Sir Hugh, becomes an enemy not to be trusted. The knights travel to the Holy Land, where they are joined by King Richard and manage to take the city of Acre. Unfortunately their victory is short-lived when they find themselves under siege from an even bigger Saracen force. With the city under attack, Sir Thomas entrusts Tristan with the most precious of Christian relics - the Holy Grail - and charges him with transporting it to England. From the outset the journey is perilous, but Tristan is lucky enough to find two other resourceful young people to accompany him home - including a very talented archer named "Robard Hode" of Sherwood Forest. Can they continue to elude Sir Hugh, with his extensive resources? And exactly what does Sir Hugh know about Tristan's past? An exciting series that will definitely appeal to boys but has an unexpected twist for girls as well! - Jess

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